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How to Purchase and Redeem a Gift Certificate

NEW! One-month Gift Certificates are now available for $5.99. You may send them to friends or use them as your own game subscription. Games4TV Gift Certificates have no expiration date.

Click to purchase a Gift Certificate

If You Are Not Already Registered at Games4TV

The Gift Certificate purchase form asks you to log in to purchase your Gift Certificate. If you don't have a Games4TV account, you will create one during the process of of the Gift Certificate. Our membership system will send you a confirmation email to your email address, and you must click the link in the email to be able to complete the purchase. Your free Games4TV account may be used for purchasing Gift Certificates, even if you yourself are not interested in becoming an active subscriber.

Is this a gift for someone else?

If you would like to have your gift delivered in email with a message to your recipient, check the box and fill out the gift form. You can enter their email address, their name, and the message you'd like sent with it, and you can also have our system send it on a certain day (birthday or Mother's Day, for example). If you select "Send at a later Date," a calendar will pop up from the field so you can choose the delivery date. If you are sending to a friend, make certain that you have entered their correct email address before you complete your purchase.

Do you WANT us to send directly to them

One thing to think about is whether you want us to send it, or whether you would rather send it yourself. If your recipient is not expecting a email saying "You've Been Sent a Gift of Games4TV," they might think it is spam and delete it. There are an awful lot of spammers who try to use fake gift cards to get people to click on links.

But they do know you, and they expect email from you. So if you would like to have the Gift Certificate sent to you (but still with the greeting and message), just leave the recipient's email address out and it will be sent to you. Then you can copy it into an email to send to them, or even put the redeem link and code into an e-card.

Gift Certificates are NOT Recurring

A Gift of Games4TV is indeed a "gift that keeps on giving," but it's not a gift that keeps on charging! Each gift certificate is a one-time purchase. If you use PayPal, this is the only way to buy single subscription periods, since the regular PayPal subscriptions are all recurring.

A Gift Certificate for Yourself

Gift certificates are a handy way to way to purchase a "one-off" subscription period, especially if you use PayPal. If you are purchasing for yourself, do not check the gift box. Since Gift Certificates are good until they are used, you may keep and use them (or give them) whenever you need.

Paying for your Gift Certificate Purchases

Gift certificates can be purchased using the same methods as our regular subscriptions. Please use our secure charge card processing site. Your gift certificate payment must be submitted before a new certificate can be sent.

Click to purchase a Gift Certificate

Where to Find Your Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are sent in email, either to you or to your recipient. Save the emails: you'll need the code and the link to redeem the certificate.

If you lose the emails with your unredeemed Gift Certificates, or if your recipient can't find theirs (or accidentally trashes it), contact us by email and we can send it to you again. You will find a record of all of your Gift Certificate purchases in your Payments History.

Redeeming Gift Certificates

Each Gift Certificate, whether purchased for you or for someone else, has a link in its email with the code and the gift amount. The link will look something like this:


You can simply click on the link to redeem it, or go to http://games.net4tv.com/amember/signup/redeem and enter the voucher code directly.

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