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Net4TV and Games4TV Privacy Policy

Registration for the Net4TV Games4TV Service will require that you share some of your personal information with us. This Privacy Policy explains what we ask for, what data we keep about you, how we use it, and our commitments to you.

Personal information

We keep all information that you share with us confidential, and do not sell or share in any way any personal information about any of our users. We do not use your email or mailing address for any other purpose than communicating with you about your membership and the service we are providing you. We may report trends, general demographics and usage patterns, or quote your comments, but we will not do so in a way that identifies you by real name or email address without your specific permission. This is our permanent commitment to you, whether or not you maintain your membership with us.

The one exception to this is if we are required to disclose your information by court order, or to pursue legal action.

Financial information

You may choose to make electronic payment via PayPal or with our secure charge processing. When you use your PayPal account, we do not have access to your credit card or bank information that you provide. Our system is connected to PayPal so that when you make payment for membership, PayPal notifies our registration system, but your transaction is completely within (and with) PayPal. For your security, do NOT use the same password for PayPal that you use for the Net4TV Games4TV Service or for any other subscriptions or services you may have with anyone.

If you pay using our secure charge card method, your card information is fully encrypted via SSL and passed to the payment gateway for processing. We only see the last four digits of your credit card and the expiration date in our records after a charge has been made.

If you paid an invoice by mail, we maintain the financial records of those payments securely (and not accessible from the Internet site), and we never store your account number. We take precautions to keep your account information secure.

We will never ask for your credit card information, password, Social Security numbers, PIN numbers, your mother's maiden name, or any other personal transaction-related data via email or phone. If you ever receive any communication that appears to come from us asking for such information, please forward it to us. Never give anyone your password via e-mail or telephone, and do not share it with other people. We will only ask you for it on this website when you register and log in.

Your Net4TV Games Member ID

When you register, you will be asked to select a unique Member ID by which you will be known on the Net4TV Games Service. This is the nickname that will be displayed when you post your high scores on leaderboards, post in forums, or play multi-player games against another user. If you don't want other members to know (or guess) who you are, choose a member name that is not similar to your email name. Do NOT use your Member ID also as your password -- it's too easy for someone to guess.

The information we collect, and why

We ask for your real name, email address, and physical (mailing) address. We need your email address so that we can communicate with you. We need your real name and physical address because our terms of service is an agreement, and we cannot make an agreement with you if you are anonymous to us. If we can't communicate with you by email at the address you have provided us (your mailbox is full, or you change email addresses without letting us know), we need to have another way to contact you about your account. The information also helps us verify your identity if you need to contact us about your account in some other way than via the e-mail address with which you registered.

We also may provide ways for our members to communicate with each other. Unfortunately, there sometimes are a few people who enjoy causing disruptions to other people's enjoyment. In order to hold our members accountable for their own behavior, we need to know who they are.

There also is sometimes information that we'd like to know, but that you don't need to tell us if you'd rather not. We have to know that you're 13 and over (see the COPPA below), but we may ask you from time to time to share with us some information about your age group, who plays which games in your home, and other information that will help us provide you a better service. You never have to tell us any of this if you would rather not, but we treat this information with the same attention to privacy as we do everything else you tell us.


Cookies are small data files that live on your computer hard drive. They are specific to each browser -- for example, if you use both Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox, they will have different cookies.

We use cookies to identify you when you're logged in as a registered member, and also so that we can recognize you and log you in automatically when you come back. We store your user name and password in your cookie, and also sometimes information like high scores or game levels as you play. The cookies are tracked in our logs and help us tell the number of unique users we have each day, and also what sorts of games that people like to play, how many times, and how often people come back. These cookies can only be read by Net4TV servers.

You can delete your cookies from your browser preferences. If you delete your cookies, you'll have to log in again with your member name and password. Some modern browsers also have a Private Browsing mode (aka "InPrivate," "Incognito," or "Anonymous") which does not store your personal information, browser history or cache. If you use Private Browsing, you'll have to repeatedly log in and you may experience performance problems within the games.

We also track site visitors with Google Analytics. This gives us an overview of who is visiting our site, where they are from, and other information that Google knows from following them on other sites that also use Google Analytics. Google Analytics does not reveal personally-identifying information to us. We do not and cannot retrieve personally-identifying information from Google.

COPPA: In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, Net4TV does not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from persons under the age of 13. As such, at this time, we do not allow anyone under 13 to register for our services.

Explanation: We've got nothing against kids, really! But, in 1998 the United States Congress passed a law that said web sites cannot store any information that personally identifies anyone under 13 except with the permission of a parent or guardian. So if you have a child who wants to play, they will need to do it under your account and your supervision.

For questions about our Children's Online Privacy Protection Act policy, or any privacy-related questions, please contact:

Net4TV/Games4TV Privacy
Iacta LLC
PO Box 4397
Downey, CA 90241

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