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Is a Favorite Game Giving You a Blue Screen?

Quickest Fix: Reload (Refresh) the Page

Usually, the game will appear if you reload (or "refresh") the page. If you are on a PC or a Mac, try going to the game, and then pressing the [F5] key on your function keys (along the top of the keyboard). Try it a couple of times.

If you are on a Chromebook, press the key with the Reload symbol -- the circle with an arrow like this . There also is a Reload icon on the address bar of your browser (where the URL of the game page is). Click it and the page will refresh.

This may be all you need to do. If it isn't, or you don't have function keys, find your system below and use those methods.

Refresh/Reload Instructions for your browser

Firefox or Google Chrome (on Windows, Mac, or Chromebook)

These two browsers work the same way. On Firefox the reload symbol in in the right side of the browser's address bar, while on Chrome, it's just to the left of the Home icon.

If you prefer to use the keyboard, you can either press [F5] or the [Ctrl] and [R] keys at the same time. If that doesn't give you the game after you've done it a couple of times, press [Ctrl] and [F5] at the same time, or [Ctrl][Shift][R] (all at once) to force the browser to override the saved page in the cache. If you're on a Mac, you'll use the [Cmd] instead of the [Ctrl] key,

Internet Explorer (Windows)

On Internet Explorer, the reload symbol icon is in the address bar, just before (to the left) of where the address ("http://") begins. On the keyboard, you can either press [F5] or the [Ctrl] and [R] keys at the same time. There isn't a "force the cache" on Internet Explorer.

iOS (iPad & iPhone) Safari

Once a page hage has fully loaded, you'll see the icon is in the address bar, to the right of the web site address. If the page doesn't completely load and you just see an X, touch the address of the page and, when the keyboard comes up, press Go (the "Enter" key).

Why the Blue Screen might sometimes happen.

We're making some updates our games, adding sound and other new features. When we add a major feature to a game, it involves changing the game's web page, and also changing the game's script (the computer program).

Your web browser tries to help load pages faster by saving pages that it loads, and then using the saved page when it needs it again. This is usually fine -- except when the script file and the web page have significantly changed. When it tries to put a new script file together with a saved web page, or vice versa, the pages don't match. The result is the blue screen!

Fortunately, once the page is reloaded with the correct pieces, your game should load properly after that. But if you still are seeing the blue screen, even after this, there are two things you can do: you can clear your browser cache by deleting the "temporary Internet files" in your Browser History, or you can email us and ask if anything is going on with the game.

More Info

If you want more detail or step by step for clearing all your browser's cache (not a bad idea, and it takes care of everything at once), check out our NetTV Guides; We've Got Sound and scroll down the page for details on clearing your cache.

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