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About Iacta LLC, Net4TV & Games4TV

This is a bit about who we are, and why we do what we do. We hope it will make you want to be a part of us.

Net4TV, including Games4TV, Talk4TV and Net4TV Guides, is a haven for folks who want to enjoy stimulating games, good and easy-to-understand information, and a welcoming community, without ads, security threats, angry voices, or politics.

Net4TV and Games4TV History

We began Net4TV in 1997 to find out what people who used WebTV wanted from their online experience. We met wonderful people, especially seniors and Boomers who were new to the Internet, and we realized that we could help to guide them to the good stuff using language they found easy to understand. And in some cases, when there wasn't good stuff that would work on their Internet appliances, we made it. That's how our games began.

In 2004, an experience with one of our own family members showed us that games are more than just a pleasant pastime -- they can help the mind stay sharp and can even help recover lost abilities. We already were serving a mostly-senior community, and now we knew that we could do more.

So in May, 2004, we launched Net4TV's Games4TV. Most of our first members were using WebTV/MSNTV; it already was obsolete for e-commerce, and quality advertisers were not interested. We decided that by choosing member support instead of advertising, we would never have any question about who we would serve. We continued to support our members who used MSNTV with games that they could play until Microsoft ended the service in 2013.

Net4TV and Games4TV Today

When we launched, we had about two dozen games. Today, we have more than 60 "Legacy Games," and also have remade almost half of those in HTML5 for modern browsers. Our games promote "brain plasticity," memory, attention and focus. They are not the "brain training" exercise regimens that push players towards a specific goal. When it comes to maintaining mental agility, we believe that gentle, fun games that people want to play are better than "workouts."

In April 2014, we launched our new Games4TV site for modern web platforms, which is where you are now. Now that we no longer have to make our content work on the obsolete MSNTV platforms, we are adding more ways for our members to meet and play together through our Talk4TV service. We launched Net4TV Guides, providing tutorials and technical support, and curated recommendations to the best of the Internet.

Other Deployments of Games4TV

In addition to our own Net4TV deployment, Games4TV has provided customized services to more than 16,000 hospital patients across America, and to subscribers of video services provided by companies in USA and Canada. We provide games for rapid deployment on most major IPTV platforms.

Who We Are

Our company is Iacta LLC. We were founded in 1994 to produce interactive TV content, and our first project was the CD-ROM version of The Discovery Channel documentary, Carrier: Fortress at Sea. In addition to our Net4TV branded services, our projects have included consulting for leading companies in banking, telephone, cable, and consumer electronics industries, as well as developing content and services for interactive television platforms.

We love what we do, we love serving our members, and our core team of Laura Buddine (aka Dudette), Brian C Bock ("Dexter"), and V. "Chai" Trakulthai work together on our Net4TV project since 1997. For more information about us, our company, and professional deployments, please write to us!


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